A Word from Our Parish Priest

This website is new and still being developed. Our main points are:

  • Mass Times
  • Link to FB page
  • Bulletin
  • Support for Parishioners
  1. Weekend Masses
    Sat 6pm
    Sun 8:30am – 6pm

    Mon: 5:30pm ( 1st Mon of the month is Sacrament of Anointing)
    Tue – Fri: 6:45am
    Sat: 8:00am


    Sat 7:15-7:45 & Mon 4:45-5:15pm

2. St Paul’s FB page can be accesses by clicking on this link

3. The bulletin is available each week there is a link on this page

4. Support for Parishioners.

The parish has received many calls from parishioners offering help to other parishioners, particularly the elderly, by way of telephone calls to keep in touch, assist with shopping, I.T. and so on….

Please let us know if you would like to be contacted or please let us know if any one needs assistance and we will be able to pass it on to those lovely parishioners who wish to help.

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Fr Peter Hendriks MSC
Parish Priest
St Paul’s Parish
Ph: +61 (0)8 8985 2343
Mobile: +61 (0)408 299 170